11 Places That You Always Forget To Clean

Sometimes all your home needs is a quick vacuum and dust, but what happens when you want your house to be spotless? Even the self-proclaimed cleaning pros miss spots when cleaning so at Helpling, the marketplace where customers can connect with cleaners, we have compiled a list of 11 overlooked corners we can guarantee will slip your mind every time! Read on for Helpling’s practical tips that you can implement immediately to ensure your home is sparkling clean for spring! 

Light Fixtures/Lamps

Do you find your room is unusually dark? If so, it is time you gave your light fixtures and lamps a good old dust! Poor light is an absolute productivity killer and can have bad effects not only on your eyesight but also your mood. Carefully remove the bulbs and wash them in soapy water, rinse and then dry. Avoid using vacuum cleaners to dust light bulbs as this risks damaging them! 

dusting a lamp shade


We take our rubbish out regularly, so why don’t we clean what holds our rubbish too? Even with the most sturdy bin bags, you can still get the occasional spillage which can encourage plenty of germs and bacteria to form. You can prevent this germ fest by giving your bin a thorough clean. To effectively clean your bin, it is best to take it outside and apply an antibacterial cleaner to the inside and outside of the bin. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it before taking it back inside.

clean dust bin

Kitchen Appliances

During a big clean, your favourite appliances demand special attention. Can openers, toasters and coffee makers can form large bacterial zoos when neglected. It’s important to empty the crumb trays from the toaster and clean your can openers to prevent food contamination. One of the most important appliances to focus on for your spring cleaning is also the oven. Use an oven cleaner to clean the interior and knobs to remove any grease and grime.

empty out crumbs from toaster

Washing Machine

Want your clothes to smell lovely and fresh? Make sure the washing machine itself is clean! Rust and mould can quickly build-up due to the use of water and detergents. If your washing machine isn’t smelling so fresh, wipe around the barrel and compartments, never forgetting the dryer! Always remove lint after each wash cycle and inspect the dryer vent.

Clean washing machine and dryer

Light Switch

Think about it, you touch your light switches every day; but when was the last time you actually gave them a good clean? From fingerprints and stains to smears and bacteria, so much dirt collects on your light switches! If not cleaned, you risk spreading this dirt around the rest of your home. A gentle disinfectant cleaner can already provide good help, but for a thorough clean we recommend a toothbrush to get into all of the nooks.

clean light switch

TV Remote

A hot spot for dirt and germs is your TV remote. Use a simple disinfectant wipe to gently wipe the remote control. Then use a cotton swab to remove crumbs from crevices and reach the tight space between buttons.

Tv Remote

Medicine Cabinets

A bathroom clean provides the perfect opportunity to rummage through your medicine cabinet! If you have any old or expired medicines floating around in the cupboard, make sure you dispose of them. Remember that old medicines must be disposed of in a specific way and should never be flushed down the toilet as this could contaminate groundwater. Instead, it is best to crush the pills and place them in a bag with dirt, coffee grounds or cat litter. You can also take them to a pharmacy that disposes of old medicines.

Bin old medicine from your cupboard


The blinds in your home are constantly collecting dust, and this dust is dispersed back into the air every time the blinds are opened. Make sure you get rid of the dust in your blinds by dusting both sides of the slats with a feather duster and remove any cobwebs in the corners. Likewise, think about your shower curtains too. These are prone to mould, limescale and dirt due to permanent dampness. Pay attention to the washing instructions on the label. Most shower curtains are allowed in the washing machine.

Dust blinds


Did you know that a used mattress has anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million mites inside? To give your mattress the clean both you and it deserves, spread baking soda all over the mattress and leave for an hour. Then vacuum the mattress thoroughly. Remember to let your mattress air out with the window open.

clean mattress

Pet Bed

Your faithful companion’s basket is much sought after – and suffers accordingly. Dirty, damp fabric is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Like a bouncy castle, when your pet plops down for a nap, bacteria flings back into the air. To avoid the spread of any bacteria give the bed a regular wash! Always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions, and try to remove as much hair as possible even before cleaning!

Cute Dalmatian dog in pet bed

Cleaning Cupboard

Have you ever wondered how dirty the home for your cleaning products is? All mops, cleaning cloths and dusters should be washed and disinfected regularly. Take time to remove dirt from the hoover and broom. Clean brushes and replace dirty sponges. Finally, don’t forget to give the actual cleaning cupboard a dust and wipe down too! Remember pay attention to the little things – especially when spring cleaning!

washing up gloves, sponges, cleaning products