7 Everyday Items You Need To Replace Regularly

7 Everyday Items You Need To Replace Regularly

Between the time you get out of bed in the morning and the time you go back to bed in the evening, you use a number of objects and devices that become real breeding grounds for bacteria. Without realising it, you are constantly exposed to these microbes. It is therefore important to change or clean these objects regularly. Prepare your dustbin and washing machine, Helpling has identified seven everyday objects that must be replaced as soon as possible!

1. Cutting boards

To be replaced: Every 12 months

Chopping boards are used almost every day, whether it’s for cooking or just for enjoying good food. By mixing food and stabbing them left and right, bacteria can flourish without any problems. Studies show that cutting boards have 200% more faecal bacteria than toilet seats. So as soon as your cutting board has nicks and coloured stains on it, change it!

2. The pillow

To be replaced: Every 18 months

Your pillow is used to rest your head in good times and bad, it’s probably your favourite sleeping companion but also hides many secrets. And by secrets, we mean thousands of bacteria. The pillow’s contact with perspiration, dust mites and mould makes it a real magnet for bacteria. As proof, a Sleepbetter study shows that a pillow contains on average 350,000 living bacteria! If you don’t want to throw it away, you can always wash it every 3 months at 60 degrees to make it last a little longer.

3. Tea towels

To be replaced: Every week

According to an American study, 89% of kitchen towels contain Coliform bacteria and 26% contain E.Coli bacteria, both of which are responsible for gastric disorders. This contamination is due to the humidity in the air and to food residues in the kitchen. Change your tea towels every week and wash them at 60 degrees to avoid throwing them away.

4. Toothbrush

To be replaced: Every 3 months

Apart from the less effective washing of a used toothbrush, it harbours millions of bacteria. This is due to the mouldy environment of the bathroom. So, to avoid making yourself sick, change your toothbrush every 3 months or so.

5. Sponge

To be replaced: Every week

How many bacteria take refuge on a sponge? Hundreds, thousands? Unfortunately for us, it’s more like millions. According to a study by Charles P. Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, a kitchen sponge is home to 10 million bacteria per square millimetre! This makes it one of the everyday objects most likely to make us ill. The calculation is quickly made, as soon as a sponge changes colour or deteriorates, it is too old: to the bin!

6. Razor blades

To be replaced: Every 2 weeks

Why replace them? From mould to bacteria to skin irritation, your razor is exposed to a lot of germs from moisture, hair residue and lather. That’s a lot for a little everyday object that doesn’t look so dirty. But don’t be fooled by appearances and it’s important to keep your blades clean. To do this, put them in a suitable case and wash them with alcohol after each shave.

7. The toilet brush

To be replaced: Every 6 months

Why? No big surprise when it comes to the toilet brush, everyone knows it’s dirty and no one dares to look in the bottom of the case. Yet we don’t necessarily think about changing it because it’s always dirty anyway. But the dirtier it is, the more mould it gets and the more bacteria multiply without you knowing. So change it twice a year and clean the case after each use by mixing hot water with an appropriate cleaner.