Six Ways To Organise Your Cleaning Cupboard

Six Ways To Organise Your Cleaning Cupboard

Is your cleaning cupboard full to the brim with cleaning products, cloths and sponges? If so, it’s time for a clear out and some re-organisation! A little time spent decluttering your cleaning supplies will help you rediscover old products you forgot you owned – which in turn will save you money. It will also mean the next time you decide to do a house clean, you’ll be able to easily see and reach all the products you need. Here at Helpling, we’ve put together six steps that will help you to declutter and reorganise your cleaning supplies. So what are you waiting for? Put 15 minutes aside this week to tackle your cleaning cupboard and trust us you’ll be so glad you did it! 

Clear the area

Start by taking everything out of the cupboard. Once the space is cleared, grab a duster cloth and wipe the inside thoroughly to remove any lingering dust. Follow up with a clean microfibre cloth and a little cleaning spray to give the cupboard a full clean.

Bin any old expired products

This is the time to be ruthless. Anything that has expired or you no longer use be sure to get rid of. If you have any products to bin, make sure you recycle what you can and dispose of the rest appropriately. If you have a couple unopened bottles of the same product, carefully decant the mixture into one bottle, this will save you room and make the cupboard appear much tidier.

Clean cloths and sponges

Along with organising your cleaning supplies, it’s important to throw out and replace any dirty cloths as well. Any old sponges or J-cloths can be binned, but your fabric cloths and dusters can be put in the washing machine. If in doubt over what temperature to use, just check the label.

Organise cleaning products by type

After your clear out, you should now have a more manageable set of cleaning products. We recommend sorting your different cleaning products into groups based on their use. For example, put all kitchen sprays together, all stain removers together and all of your toilet cleaning products together. This will make things so much easier when you next go to clean, as you’ll be able to find everything when you need it. If you have cupboard space in your bathroom, you could always put your bathroom cleaners in there to avoid taking up all the room in your kitchen cupboard under the sink.

Optimise your storage

If you are short on storage space, don’t just throw all your products in together! Look for better ways to organise your supplies. Stackable boxes are a great way to organise your cleaning products and really help with keeping your cupboard tidy for longer. Adhesive hooks are also great for hanging on the back of cupboard doors. Be creative and think of the best ways to utilise your space!

Put together a portable cleaning kit

Finally, for those cleaning supplies you use all the time, create a little portable cleaning kit and place it at the front of the cupboard. This means the next time you need to clean, you can just grab your supplies and get straight to work!