The Biggest Household Annoyances

The Biggest Household Annoyances

Let’s be honest, housework isn’t a whole lot of fun, and it’s not made any easier when certain ‘incidents’ take place. By ‘incidents’ we mean little occurrences that make your daily chores that little bit harder and definitely more annoying to do. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the biggest household annoyances, did we get them right? 

1. Stained coffee cups

Whether you wash up by hand or use the dishwasher, sorting out dirty dishes remains an unpleasant chore. The image of a couple happily and lovingly standing in the kitchen doing the washing up certainly seems like a fantasy. Whilst washing dishes is annoying there’s one thing which can particularly grind anyone’s gears: stained coffee cups. Have you ever gone to wash up a coffee cup and spot a rim of coffee set in at the bottom of the mug? It often seems no matter how hard you scrub, the stain just doesn’t disappear!

2. Torn rubbish bag

We think we can all agree that taking out the rubbish bin is not a fun task – especially when the bin has that extremely unpleasant smell that is reminiscent of a passing rubbish truck. But what is even more annoying than taking the bin out? You guessed it when the bin bag tears! That tear can add on ten minutes to a two-minute job and will make you want to hop in the shower after getting old food on your bare hands.

3. Unwanted ‘presents’ from pets

If you’re a four-legged friend owner, you’ll know all about that ‘surprise’ you’re greeted with when you walk around barefoot in the morning. You’ll often find the culprit happy as Larry acting as if nothing has happened, leaving you to clean up the mess before you’ve even had a chance to make your own breakfast.

4. The washing that is lying around everywhere

A laundry basket – there’s one in almost every bathroom, so you’d think your household residents would know that’s where the dirty washing goes. Yet somehow dirty socks, boxers, and t-shirts tend to find themselves on the floor! So instead of just going to one place to grab your dirty laundry to put in the wash, you’re scouring the whole house – adding on precious time to your day, which could be spent doing something you actually enjoy doing!

5. Vacuuming

This household annoyance is a little different from the others, in the fact that it’s not only annoying for the person doing it, but it can also cause annoyance to others in the home as well. As soon as the vacuum is started, and that bellowing buzzing sound is heard, everyone sighs, the peace is over. The cat looks for a place where ‘the monster’ won’t bother her. The dog doesn’t know whether to attack or flee, making extra noise with its barking. And every housemate you meet gives you an unfriendly look. As if you were doing it to tease them!