Easy Hacks For Cleaning your Gym Gear

Easy Hacks For Cleaning your Gym Gear

Whether you prefer to work out from home or go to the gym, it’s important to give your gym clothes and accessories a good clean. Here at Helpling, we are giving you the easiest cleaning solutions, so there is no excuse to not give your gym gear a clear after a sweaty workout. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it!

Protein Shakers

It’s vital for gym-goers to wash their protein shakers after use. If washing up your shaker after arm day sends a shudder down your spine try our quick cleaning tip instead! 

Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to the shaker and fill it with hot water from the tap. Leave the shaker overnight and then rinse in the morning. You’ll have a fresh protein shaker for your next workout!

Smelly Trainers

When was the last time you cleaned your gym trainers? Don’t worry if it’s been a while, we understand, stinky shoes are a universal problem. Our top tip for keeping your trainers smelling fresh is to freeze them! 

Pop your trainers in a plastic bag, place them in your freezer and leave them overnight. You’ll wake up to cool, fresh smelling trainers!

Sports Bras

It’s important to give your sports bras a regular clean to avoid smells and also prevent spots from forming due to sweat. It might feel easier to throw your sports bra into the washing machine with all of your other clothes, but try and avoid doing this. Sports bras are made from delicate fabrics so they need to be cleaned with care.

Our tip is to use mild detergent and hand wash. In a sink, add warm water and some of your detergent of choice, then soak your bra in the soft, bubbly mix. Gently wash the sports bra, rinse with cold water and dry. Although this method might seem tedious, it’ll keep your bras in good condition, causing you to save money in the long run!

Weight Lifting Gloves and Wrist Straps

If you’re a weightlifter, we can imagine you own some weight-lifting gloves or wrist straps. They help to provide support when pumping iron and also protect our hands from bacteria found on gym equipment. Often neglected, it’s important to clean these accessories too!

Soak the gloves/straps in your bathroom sink in a combination of shampoo and conditioner. Leave them to soak for a couple of hours, then rinse. This super easy technique will stop your accessories from smelling!

Yoga Mats

It’s important to keep your mat fresh. Cleaning a mat with water and essential oils is a great cleaning method as it kills germs and ensures your mat maintains a fresh smell. Love lavender? Infuse it in your mat!

Here’s how: grab one cup of water and your favourite essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, whatever you prefer) and mix together. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and simply spray onto the mat. Then take a damp cloth and wipe it down. The next time you go into a downward dog you will be met with floral freshness!