How To Stop Your Tumble Dryer From Smelling

How To Stop Your Tumble Dryer From Smelling

Last week we gave you the best tips on how to clean your washing machine, so this week let’s focus on the tumble dryer. Have you ever noticed a damp smell after using your tumble dryer? If so, it’s probably time you gave your dryer a good clean. This isn’t a task you need to do after every use, but it’s a good habit to get into to ensure your clothes are smelling fresh every time they are tumble-dried!

There are four simple steps to follow when cleaning your tumble dryer to prevent it from smelling:

Remove any lint 

Begin by removing any lint from the trap inside your dryer. If you find quite a lot of lint, use your vacuum cleaner hose to suck up any stubborn bits. 

Wash the lint trap

Next, remove the lint trap from the machine and wash it under some warm water. Use a clean cloth or soft brush to remove any trapped lint. Give the trap a good dry before putting it back into the machine. 

Use vinegar to clean

This is where one of our favourite natural cleaning ingredients comes in – vinegar! Grab a clean cloth and dip it into some white vinegar and begin cleaning the inside of your dryer. Make sure you reach every corner of the dryer and don’t miss the rubber in the door seal! The vinegar will not only help to clean your dryer but it’ll help get rid of any bad smells. Remember to leave the door open, to allow the machine to air dry properly.

Prevention is key

When it comes to deodorising your tumble dryer, prevention is better than cure! This isn’t an everyday task, however, an occasional clean will ensure your dryer is smelling fresher for longer. To reduce the need for a big clean as often, get into the habit of removing the lint after every wash.