7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pet Hair

7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pet Hair

If you have a cat or dog you will know all about pet hair and how it can get everywhere! Whilst we love our four-legged friends we don’t love their fur as much, especially when it’s all over our furniture and clothing. So what can be done to get rid of it? We’ve got a round-up of some of the best tips to help remove any unwanted pet hair from your home. 

Brush your pets regularly 

A super easy way to get on top of pet hair shedding excessively is by brushing your pet regularly. Your pet will most likely enjoy it so it’s perfect bonding time too. Remember you can always brush your pet outside if they have particularly thick hair.

Use rubber gloves

Your trusty washing up gloves are perfect for cleaning pet hair off furniture. Just gently wet the gloves and brush them over the surface of the hair-infested fabric. The static and textured surface of the glove will lift and remove the pet hair quickly and easily!

Cover surfaces with a pet blanket

If your pet is partial to a nap on the sofa or maybe you let your pets on the bed, we recommend investing in a blanket specifically for your furry friend. This will create a barrier between their fur and your furniture. Don’t forget to regularly wash this blanket to minimise hair building up.


A regular vacuum is another easy way to get rid of unwanted pet hairs on your floors and your furniture. When vacuuming your furniture be sure to use an attachment. Also, don’t forget to empty your vacuum cleaner regularly, as pet hair can easily clog it.

Lint roller

To combat annoying pet hair on your clothes use a lint roller – these are a game changer! Lint rollers are super affordable and can be found at most supermarkets and clothing stores. Here at Helpling, we recommend keeping one in your car to get rid of any pesky hairs you may have missed on your clothing whilst at home.


If you don’t have a lint roller, tape is a great substitute – particularly for getting stubborn pet hairs off clothes. Simply wind some sticky tape around your hand, with the sticky side up, then brush it against any clothing. You can even use it on furniture fabric too!

Use your tumble dryer

Finally, get the most out of your tumble dryer by putting any hairy clothing or bedding in the dryer for a couple of minutes on a cold setting. This will pull off any stubborn hairs – just remember to empty the filter when you’re done!