How to Wash Jeans the Right Way

How to Wash Jeans the Right Way

There are often two types of people when it comes to washing jeans. Some people throw their jeans into the washing machine every week without a second thought. Others try to put washing off as long as possible, and would rather hand wash over using the machine. So what is the best way to wash jeans? Here at Helpling, we’ve got the best denim cleaning tips.

How often should you wash jeans?

If you can, it’s best to wash your jeans once a month (every three to four weeks). Or you can judge it by wears – we recommend washing after five-ten wears. This will keep your jeans clean, but also ensures they will still fit well and stay looking and feeling new for longer.

What’s the best way to wash jeans?

You should get into the habit of turning your jeans inside out before putting them into the washing machine. Doing this will preserve the colour and minimise any abrasions. It also ensures the inside of the jeans (usually the dirtiest part) gets the most exposure to the detergent. Try and use a detergent that is designed to preserve colour – this will also help with preventing fading. 

In terms of temperature, jeans should always be put on a 30c cycle. Hotter temperatures can accelerate the fading process. If your jeans are particularly dirty, you could always pat any stains away with a cool cloth before putting them in the washing machine.

It goes without saying, but be sure to separate your lights from your darks. Don’t put a white pair of jeans in with your dark wash, that’s just asking for trouble! Also, the dye in darker jeans can often transfer onto other fabrics. Test by rubbing a light coloured cloth over the denim and if any colour transfers, wash them once on their own or with other dark items. 

Finally, don’t overpack your washing machine. Cramming your washing machine with clothes may be quicker, but it will cause potential damage to your denim. You also want to ensure your items are cleaned thoroughly. Having too many items in the machine will mean clothes may get neglected by the detergent. 

What’s the best way to dry jeans?

Whatever you do, try and avoid the tumble dryer! We know it’s often the easiest option, especially in the winter months when you can’t dry your clothes outside. However, over usage of the tumble dryer can lead to shrinking and stretching. It can also increase the speed at which your jeans fade. 

If you do want to use your dryer, be sure to turn the jeans inside out and put them on a low, delicate heat setting. Don’t wait until they are crisp dry, take them out a little earlier as jeans will often last longer if you take them out when they’re slightly damp.