Six Easy Cleaning Hacks For a Sparkling BBQ Grill

Six Easy Cleaning Hacks For a Sparkling BBQ Grill

Summer is approaching which means BBQ season is on the horizon. But before you start grilling some yummy food you will want to ensure your BBQ is nice and clean again. Scrubbing away at set in grease and grime seems like a laborious task, but luckily there are some great household cleaning agents that are perfect for getting your grill sparkling again! 


A mixture of 500ml of vinegar and the same amount of water is the perfect cleaning remedy for a dirty grill. Pour the mixture into a bottle and spray onto the grill and leave for 10 minutes. Follow up by emptying the bottle and pouring more vinegar into it. Then proceed to spray the grill again before scrubbing clean.

vinegar is great for cleaning a dirty grill


Surprisingly onions are great for cleaning grimy BBQ grills. Attach an onion to a fork or metal skewer and rub it across the hot bars of the grill. The water in the onion helps to steam clean and remove any strong residue, including any charred food!

Onions are great for cleaning dirty grills

Baking Soda

It’s starting to feel like baking soda can be used to clean anything, and that’s why here at Helpling we love it so much as a cleaning ingredient! Sprinkle baking soda onto your grill and dissolve some in water. Then use a scourer to scrub the grill until it’s shining again.

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent for dirty grills


Who doesn’t love a cold can on a warm summer’s day, but did you know that this delicious beverage can also be used to clean your BBQ grill? Pour half a bottle of beer onto a warm grill and scrub with either a wire brush or some newspaper. Your grill will be as good as new in no time at all!

a pint of beer


If your grill can be removed from the BBQ, soak it in coffee to help remove any deep-set in dirt. The acid in coffee is great at loosening up any hard-to-remove remnants of food. 


Steam Clean

It is always good to get into good cleaning habits after using your BBQ. If you’ve used the grill just for the day, leave it to cool slightly before covering it with water-soaked newspaper. Close the lid, and leave it shut for around 30 minutes – this will help to give the grill a good old steam clean!

Happy BBQing!