Little Things You Can Do To Maintain A Clean Home

Little Things You Can Do To Maintain A Clean Home

Here at Helpling we know you live a busy life, and that the thought of cleaning after a long busy day may send shivers up your spine. Whilst it’s always good to conduct a deep clean of your home, it doesn’t have to be as frequent as you think. By introducing little cleaning habits into your week it helps to maintain your home’s cleanliness, and when the time comes for a big clean it won’t take you half as long! These little cleaning habits won’t take any longer than 20 minutes and the more you do them, the more they will become a part of your routine. Not only will you feel more accomplished, but it’ll also give you more time to relax and do the things you love on your days off. 

Make your bed

Start your day off right by making your bed. This simple two-minute task can make such a difference in making your bedroom look tidier. It’s also so much nicer climbing into a nicely made bed at the end of the day. All you need to do is shake out your duvet and plump your pillows. 

Wipe down surfaces

Another simple task that can make such a difference is wiping down your surfaces. After you’ve made a meal, be sure to wipe down your countertops with a disinfectant spray. Catch any crumbs in your hand and place them straight into the bin. You don’t want to be dealing with set in stains at the end of the week.


Vacuuming a room instantly makes it cleaner. Try and vacuum at least once a week, but if you’re strapped for time, break it up by rooms or floors. One day you can tackle the living room and kitchen and another focus on the bedrooms. Vacuuming takes less than 10 minutes so there are no excuses! You can also use your vacuum on upholstery. Don’t be afraid to give your sofa and chairs a once over as well.

Put on a wash 

Depending on how many loads you do per week, this may not need to be a daily task. Just try and not wait until the washing basket is full to the brim before you consider a wash! If you work from home, get into the habit of putting your washes on first thing in the morning. You’ll have completed a task before 12pm, leaving you feeling accomplished. If you work outside of the home, still put the load into the machine in the morning. That way as soon as you get in from work all you need to do is press go!


A great way to maintain a clean home is to regularly declutter. Yes, we’re talking about those bank statements you just shoved in a draw. If you know you don’t need them, recycle or shred them straight away. This will stop the mess from building up as quickly and leave your home looking tidier.

Put things back where they belong

Another great habit to follow is putting your belongings back to their rightful homes after they’ve been used. It’s tempting to just throw our bags and coats on the floor after we’ve got home from a busy day at work. Or maybe you have THAT chair in your bedroom – you know the one that is covered with clothes you can’t be bothered to put back into the wardrobe! At the time it seems like the easiest thing to do, but it actually just makes your life harder when you have a pile of mess to sort through.

Don’t let dirty dishes build up

Introduce a rule into your household that nothing can be left in the sink. Even if you just have a quick cup of tea, nothing gets left on the side. Either wash the mug up straight away or if you have a dishwasher place it in. A buildup of dirty dishes is one of the biggest culprits in making your home look untidy.

Create a cleaning plan

One of the best ways to reduce your cleaning time is to have a plan. Organisation is key when it comes to cleaning, so determine what gets cleaned on what day. Block out times and assign tasks if you don’t live alone. Having a plan makes you more accountable and also gives you direction. It also helps with forming a routine, so whilst you get used to introducing these little steps you know exactly what you need to be doing.

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