How To Clean Silver – DIY silver cleaning hacks

How To Clean Silver – DIY silver cleaning hacks

Whether it’s cutlery, jewellery or trays, over time our silver belongings tend to tarnish. This is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver comes into contact with air. Although silver doesn’t require as much upkeep as other household items, it is important to occasionally give anything silver a good clean to restore its original shine. So how can you clean silver? You don’t actually need to spend money going to see a professional to buff and polish your silver items, DIY home remedies can be as equally as effective! Helpling has put together a few easy ways you can keep your silver shining. However, do remember overpolishing can have detrimental effects on silver, so it’s important to keep cleaning to a minimum – see this as a twice a year job.

How to clean with polish

If you’ve got actual silver polish, cleaning your silver is an easy and quick job. Simply put a small blob of the silver polish on a clean cloth and dampen if required – we recommend a microfiber cloth. Then just rub the polish onto your item, avoiding a circular motion as that can spotlight small scratches. Once you’re done polishing, rinse the item in warm water and buff with a new dry microfiber cloth. 

How to clean without silver polish

If you don’t have any specific silver cleaning polish do not fret, as similar results can be achieved without it. You’ll be pleased to know that you can actually use common household products as a substitute! 

A mixture of washing-up liquid and warm water can be used to get your silver belongings sparkling again. Just mix a couple drops of washing-up liquid with some warm water and dip a clean microfiber cloth into the mixture. Next, rub the item in an up and down motion and follow this up by rinsing the item with cold water. Complete the clean by giving the silver a buff with a new cloth. 

You can also use a classic mixture of baking soda and water to clean your silver. Simply mix three parts baking soda with one part water and apply it to the silver item. Wipe across the item with a clean cloth, ensuring you get into all the crevices. Finally, rinse and buff your silver item.

How to slow down the tarnishing process

Silver will always tarnish, it’s something that cannot be completely stopped. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help slow down this process. 

  • Keep silver in its own bag or pouch in a cool dry place. Preferably a flannel bag or in a chest lined with flannel cloths. 
  • Take your jewellery off when you shower or wash up as tap water can accelerate tarnishing.
  • Put your silver jewellery on after you’ve applied makeup and perfume. 
  • Pop a piece of chalk in with your silver. Chalk helps to absorb moisture which can prevent tarnishing.